Franca is a New York-based, multi-cultural design studio, founded by Sierra Yip-Bannicq and Jazmin de la Guardia.

Jazmin and Sierra met back in 2009 while they were both studying at Pratt Institute.  Jazmin majored in Printmaking while Sierra in Industrial Design. 

Sierra is half French, half Chinese who grew up in bustling Beijing and Jazmin is half Cuban, half Uruguayan and grew up on the other side of the world in Paraguay. Together they share a passion for design and are inspired by their different cultural upbringings and experiences. 

Franca focuses on creating unique and playful pieces that allow room for the appreciation of details without overloading the senses. Franca’s designs are handmade in small batches at their Brooklyn-based studio in New York City.

Franca's goal is to work with craftsman and women from different cultures to design limited edition products. Thus far they have spent a few months in the small town of Jingdezhen in South Central China working closely with master throwers to produce their Ribbed Collection.