Introduction to Slip Casting -Sunday February 10th 2019

Introduction to Slip Casting -Sunday February 10th 2019



During this workshop you will learn the basics of Slip Casting. A fun method of pouring liquid clay into plaster molds to create forms. Slip Casting is a great process to learn if you are interested in scaling up your production as it allows you to make multiples of the same shape/form.

You will learn all the different stages of the process, starting with what makes a good mold to cast in and a brief overview of how to make molds (please note you will not be making your own mold in this workshop, if you are interested in moldmaking please sign up for our Moldmaking workshop).

During the workshop you will learn how to prepare, mix and cast with two different types of slip. You will also learn to prepare a mold for casting, the proper way to rubber band/strap a mold together, the best way to pour slip into and out of different types of molds (horizontal vs. vertical seam lines and large vs. small openings). You will also be taught the best way to properly release your cast from the mold, one of the hardest parts of the entire process. If you release too early you will crack or warp your piece. You will also get a chance to practice cleaning up a cast piece on the pottery wheel as well as by hand for non-symmetrical objects.

Date: Sunday February 10th at 12pm (approximate run time 4.5 hours)

Class size: max 8 people

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