Moldmaking Workshop - Sunday April 7th 2019

Moldmaking Workshop - Sunday April 7th 2019



During the full day workshop you will learn how to make your own two part plaster mold from an object of your choice. Two part molds are great for simple forms like cups, bowls, and most vases (see below for list of descriptions—if you have an object in mind please email us a photo).

More complicated forms like pitchers or mugs are 3-4 part molds and can be made in our 3 part mold class, not this class!

In this class we will teach you how to make a two part mold from an object of your choice and you will leave with your own mold. We will demonstrate both vertical rectangular molds and horizontal circular molds and help your choose which is best for your object.

You will also learn the process of slip casting and have a chance to pour slip into already finished molds while your plaster molds are setting. We will show you how to prepare and mix two different types of slip, prepare a mold for casting, cast and release, and the final clean up steps.

Date: Sunday April 7th at 10:00 am (approximate run time 6-7 hours)

Class size: max 7 people

Instructions on what makes a good object for casting will be emailed to all participants prior to the class date. Please bring a selection of objects that fit the description of what makes a good two part mold. If you do not want to bring a form or none of your objects are feasible, we will provide a selection of forms to choose from. Please feel free to email us with any questions regarding your form.

All materials and supplies will be provided and no previous knowledge of ceramics is necessary. Please keep in mind that the workshop may run overtime depending on the complexity of your object.

Please bring your own lunch.

Brief description of what makes a good object for a two-part mold

-simple form that has a taper (slight or dramatic taper is fine)
-single widest point
-subtle or flat bottom / foot
-well sealed (glass, ceramic or plastic)


-forms with multiple undercuts
-completely straight walls
-defined / deep foot
-porous material (wood, cork, paper, fabric)
-heavily textured example

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